19 November, 2006

New Low Cost Selling Scheme.

Normal Low Cost unit price is fix at RM 42,000 only.

Recently, a friend of mine called up to inform me a new low cost at Cheras, somewhere nearby Damai Perdana is releasing and the location is quite good. so i decided to take a day off to visit that low cost flat.

In fact, there is selling at max. RM 70,000. It sells in a packages RM42,000 unit price plus renovation cost of RM 28,000. Total is RM 70,000. It is almost double of the regulated selling price.

In view of the unit condition and location, it has a potential of renting and good accessibility as soon-to-be-opened access road from MRR2 to the end of the Damai Perdana..

Try to think about it.. and for sure, a great applause shall be given to this creative developer to come out with such scheme to attract buyer cum maximise their profit on this suppose to lose money project..