On property investment income streams are usually come from property value appreciation or rental income. Notice, that most of the investors are preferably on the latter. it is obviously due to the immediate cash income rather than stagnant a big sum of money and wait for its appreciation. The rental income result can give an immediate result and permit investor to take necessary action cut down losses if the result goes adversely.

For rental streams, most investors are aiming on ready unit of residential properties such as apartments, condominiums and serviced apartments are always a preferable favorite. However, prices swing significantly depending on the location, tenure, size and design.

The number of projects mushrooming in the Klang Valley, however, has not affected the value of properties on the market as it provides wider choices. Despite the abundance of new offerings, investors are still interested in completed units because they can be let out easily. Another option would be offers that come with tenancy,

But forecast that three years down the line, there will be an oversupply situation. When the current projects under construction are handed over, there will be ample supply on the market. Developers are now building larger sizes of above 2,000 sq ft and targeting the higher-end market. But will there be enough expatriates or high-income earners to lease them out to? This is the question to be asked. For local average working class folk would seek out projects in the suburban areas — either for their own use or investment.

Now with the abolition of the real property gains tax will see more speculative sales in the marketplace as it gives higher liquidity. The transaction of property is foreseen to be more active as once buyers get a good offer, they will let the property go to make a fast buck. Those who cannot secure a tenant or pay the bank loan will also let it go.

In long term wise, the impact of this change to current property market is still in doubt. Let's see how the changes take place.