11 August, 2007

Buy or Sell

Booming of property sector has caused the construction cost increase and , no doubt, the cost is being transfer to the consumer.

Property price is growing uptrend, there is a BUY call to pick up the property now rather than later. Buying a property now before its price soars up to ceiling height and always a right move.

Despite a heavy BUY call, for existing property owners, may also think of selling off their property as they can revamp a great profit from it.

BUY and SELL which one is the right move shall refer to the demand and supply of the market.
Besides, demand and supply shall also correlate to property location as it is a golden rule of thumb for property investment- location, location and location.

Buy in for investment shall forecast the demand lest to over committed. Sell off a property also need to evaluate where the property has reach its peak and give minimal growth.

Most important point is never rush on buy or sell. We shall scrutinize the situation and market carefully but not blindly follow the trend..