08 January, 2008

Selection of Crane

Selection of crane must be studied in conjunction with the following factors

Capacity of Crane - The weight of the material will determine what kind of crane to be selected. Of course, it must plus a certain degree of safety factor.

Height - to what height that the material need to be lifted. Of course the hoisting sling may be included as well.

Working radius - The farther, the lighter the hoisting capacity. so it must be ensure the boom length is as short as possible which can offer higher hoisting capacity. This must always study together with the Weight of material.

Site condition, ground stability - Terrain must be flat for a safe working ground. Sometimes, steel plate shall be laid underneath to ensure load is spread out evenly. Special care must be taken if the crane is working under a sandy ground, when there is a raining day that might wash away sand below.

Rental, Money - cannot be ignored that money rental is a crucial as well in selection as a higher capacity will need higher pay. Then come to Mobile crane or Crawler Crane. All these are required to make a comparison. Sometimes, Mobilisation cost and demobilisation cost must be put in the costing as well.

Long term usage - Daily rental or monthly rental will also affect the rental. Proper planning can help to justify this and give a better rate if the duration can be known.

Over time charge - some of the overtime charge is skyhight. It must be control and monitor carefully. Only important operation will do OT, otherwise, it is always advise not to do night lifting work.

Other points like Site constraints - Height Limitation, Space availability, accessibility.

In nutshell, you must see the whole picture before choose a crane.