14 October, 2009

Crane on Site

This is a bird eye view of a typical construction worksite.

Generally, for high rise building, a tower crane will be erected for hoisting purpose. The Hammer Head Crane (horizontal frame) will be erected when the worksite have ample turning radius.

This type of crane has a greater lifting capacity and probably lower rental. It is very commonly used in the construction site.

The alternative lifting mean is mobile crane, which normally use for short term lifting and limited height. This crane has advantages on its mobility and it can run on the public road. The rental cost is even cheaper.
The disadvantage is the limitation of height and lifting weight. There is time consuming to find a suitable parking ground for lifting and all outriggers are required to full extend prior to lifting operation. It also need to ensure the ground condition is sound and solid for the lifting operation.

This is a combination of the above crane where it can provide greater lifting capability and certain degree of mobility. This kind of crane is to provide a medium term usage around few months of work. The crane boom is longer than mobile crane which offer wider coverage for lifting work.

In short, the selection of crane for construction worksite is required to optimum the cost and usage of crane. It requires to plan in advance to understand the requirement of work activity prior to decide on the type of machinery.