29 August, 2006


This is Trader Hotel at KLCC Convention Centre, Initially during construction it was called as KL Convention Hotel... Bloody hell.. dunno how much of sweat and leg fur being dropped over this place. This is a beauty of Interior Design - The entire hotel is being "dressed" up nicely and decently.

Intially, the pool , we used to call Mini pool during construction, but surprisingly. it turn up to be so grand.

besides that the resting corner is so wonderful as u can enjoy the KLCC scene while having ur break time at pool side.

Two most breath taking feature will be these two columns which make me shock and open my mouth big big and eye large large.. i was jammed when i saw it. how human make it? u ppl can decorate it so grand? in layman term, i found that calling it as Magician will be more suitable instead of Interior Designer

i am so inspire on ID, in the near future, i wanted to have one mini type at my house also... hee hee..