29 August, 2006

What is LiFE

What is LiFE? How to define LiFE?

Today i get a "Excellent"defination of LiFE from a friend of mine.

LiFE = Living Is Fucking Easy

Try to think, this is true. This is not difficult to live a life. Eat N Sleep.. what so difficult for life? Happy, Satisfied, Sad, Cry, those intangible sense of feeling is just part of the complimentary of LiFE.

It is sort of chille, salt, sugar, sweet, bitter, etc. As some of you may like spicy, salty or whatsoever favour. There are an admixtures for LiFE. That's why every induvidual is working toward different kind of LiFE style, because everyone has different preference of taste in LiFE.

Since Living is Fucking Easy, don't stress yourself to follow what other did. LiFE is nothing more than EaT N Sleep, you can have your own favour in LiFe..