07 October, 2006

My Home

Real Life Experience..!..!

My home.. S & P is signed at the end of 2004. Currently, this is the status of the construction progress. Once i refresh my mind, it recalls me that the motive to buy this unit is mainly come from an influential of a good friend of mine. I am so lucky to have this friend in guiding me on the first purchase of my ofirst home!

Target completion is at the end of 2007, 36 months from the signing of SPA. Hope everything will be going smooth. I like this location as it is only walking distance to LRT station.

One thing I realise that if possible, try to purchase a completed property even though the price is slightly higher compare to the launching price. i think it is worthy as to offset the risk of delivery and immediate move in condition can save up your monthly rental, if you are currently renting a house.

Try to consider completed property. as i have learned a lesson from here.. You save a step from me..