09 October, 2006

Structural Defect - Honeycomb

Apparently this is another shoddy work from the end result of poor workmanship.

Rebar is exposed at the honeycomb portion.

Most of the unscrupulous contractors will use a cement paste to plaster the honeycomb portion. Using an inferior grade of material will definitely fail to replace the original design of concrete strength.

Even more serious will be as this one.. a simple hammer knocking on it, the whole junk will collapse i believe.

The loading is supposed to transfer from beam to column and downward to foundation. But when the joint part is not properly constructed. how can loading be transfer? it can be foreseen that future structural problem will be happen, such as cracking of wall, breaking of piping (if any).

For sure the durablity of structure will be in doubt.Immediate remedial against this defect is imperatively needed. Prevention measure also need to be taken to halt this kind of rampant shoddy work spread on site. I hope developer can take more stern action on this kind of inferior work as to build buyer confidence and not to scare away them.