31 December, 2006

Super Boom in Construction

Under 9th Malaysia Plan, in the outline, few hundred billion is going to spend out through the implementation of 9th MP.

Believe it is going to be a Super Booming time again in the construction industry after 1994. Raw material price for construction is increasing, such as cement, later on, it will follow up with others, e.g. steel, etc.

Other than government annouced projects like LRT extension which is about 4 billion project, those private project such as bullet train project is also another mega project to be boost from KL straight down to Johor or most likely penetrate direct into Singapore. It is also another billion ringgit project that target to complete within 4 years time.

Obviously, the trend is focusing into the develpement in SSC super Southern Corridor. This is expecting to be a construction booming in southern region.

Heat is getting up. let's see how efficient is the government in the implementation of such scheme as, i believe, most of us are wishing the plan can be carried out as per what has planned for.


SOON said...

About Bullet Train... It's still a proposal that not yet finalized.

I wish it won't die "in the mother's womb". However, there is news that KTM is going to upgrade it's train speed to 150km/h, which post a threat to Bullet Train.

Got news must tell me ya.. I don't have YTL stock haha... I have YTLE, which is apparently not related.