13 January, 2007

Construction Stock

Currently, Construction stocks are running up. Those big boys like IJM, Gamuda, WCT, UEM, etc are getting to explore more on oversea project, especially Middle East.

As announced in last November 2006, MMC got the city development of about US $30 billion over the 30 years. Friend, it is going to be RM 3.5 billion per year. it is going to be long term development.

WCT and Gamuda have already long step in to Middle East and started to expand their biz and growing up to be more establish at Middle East..

In view of the oversea project, when combine the kick off of mega project under 9th Malaysia plan. Those active construction companies will easily to have over billion ringgit of order book this year.

Double track is going to resume soon.. Extension of LRT, Second Penang Bridge, Iskandar development, etc.. this is the main reason pushing the construction stock to hike up to year high. Besides that, those raw construction material are growing up as well under the second wave of the boom. Cement price has gone up like CIMA, Lafarge, YTL cement, etc.. soon to be the steel bar will be going up again..

For the conclusion all development/ construction are pushing up the KLCI.. Well.. let see the wave can hike up to what extent.. this is what we have expecting ... hope we will get this wave go as high as it can..


SOON said...

Sure boh my friend? hehehe,

Seems like you also diam diam speculating huh...

Thanks for your info.