05 March, 2008

Column Finishes

Column Dressing...
It is decorated with colourful light.

The surface is wrapping with timber and mosaic.
The joint of mosaic and timber is neatly joint up.

Some of the column in big mall is with tinted glass finish to make it more elegant.
The circular glass is mounted on column with special stub.
The column finishing can be pure painting or it can always be dressed up nicely either with homogenous tile or special features.

How the joint of a square tile at the right angle?
Zoom closer to have a look..
Ooh.. its edge is being cut off or grind off in 45 degree. then it is butting joint.. just nice..
If we carefully check out,
This is one of the example for poor workmanship...anyhow, it is not a big defect, but in aesthetic wise, its score is bringing down.