16 April, 2008

DIY Basic Tool

Basic tools for DIY - Do it Yourself.

Don't be stingy to "invest" a tiny bucks on your home tools. This basic tools are going to be your greatest home assistance. Practice DIY can eliminate the hassle to look for help either from friends, contractor or others. You are no longer need to stay at home to scratch your head and wait a decades long for the helper to reach.

I would say the greatest return is never ever be money or dollar and cent, but a SELF SATISFACTION.. Regardless how neat your workmanship, it is still your home made element. It can be gradually improve once your desire of being perfect is prevailing the hard and sweaty work.

A simple electrical drill, it can be get from hardware store or hypermarkets. Multi brands are open for selection.. of course I am not going to be a promoter to tell you which one is best..

A drill bit can not be forgotten as well. Let's offer a tips, the standard drill bit must be able to fix on your drill. Drill bit has various sizes and types. It must be clearly understand what kind of substance are you going to drill, such as brick wall, concrete wall, timber or even tiles. (It is a tactic to drill a hole on tile, tell you later in next posting)

Of course, some of the plug point may not be right at your drill spot. so extension cable is required. but not too long or too short. be optimal for home use will be around 6-7m should be enough. (may vary from one and others)

For accuracy of position, a measuring tape is needed as well. Get a good quality tape can be more durable and not those "disposable" type. one time gone..

Some people may not familiar with this "red chilis" - wall plug. It has different sizes. The tip here is it must to be matched with the drill bit size. The length of wall plug is standard with 2 inches long. It can be cut slightly short it required. It is made by plastic.

A simple tools - screw driver. Tip: Get a longer screw driver will be more easy to screw and the handle must be soft type for esay handling.

The screw must be match with the above item as well. The size of screw and its length must be match with wall plug.

You can see that all things are interrelated. Anyhow all are a standard size. Get a set or spare some in your tools box. I gonna tell you how to DIY on next posting.


Watermelon said...

"Don't be stingy to "invest" a tiny bucks on your home tools. "
how much have you invested on your home tools?

Vince said...

Kan...! "wise man" can make it without a single cent. Are you a wise man? ha haa..