15 May, 2008

Car Park In Condominium

Let's start a puzzle... Can you see where goes wrong at this car park?

See carefully, there is a door behind. There is a FIRE ESCAPE DOOR. By right, the escape route shall be clear from all obstruction. Why the developer or Architect or even local Authority who approve the plan, is so careless? They shall be punished for this silly mistakes. Is it a mistakes or purpose-made error to save cost?

Secondly, after car is driven in and parked nicely. It looks so fit....Maybe just too "fit"..

Too "fit" until the driver can not come out from the car. The dimension is not being consider and think. Then, the Architect simply plot it on the plan.

That's why there is a need to engage the RIGHT PERSON do the RIGHT THING... This is of
excellent" job, You can only find it with Peluang Mutiara S/B as a unscrupulous developer for this development.

I would say stupid and darn STUPID!