06 May, 2008

Sheet Piling Alignment Setting Out

As promised, gradually I will reveal more information regarding to the silient piler - Operation of Sheet Pile Installation.

This is the Silient piler machine. The weight is about 9 ton. It is self standing with its powerful hydraulic grip. Today, here, I wanted to share about the accurate sheet piling operation.

How to ensure the alignment of sheet piles is in line with the setting out that you wanted?

This is the sheet piler..

What the hell is it?.... funny stuff...!!

See carefully.. It is a laser pointer.. The surveyor peg the point right on the pipe. (blue dot in a circle). With its flexible grip, it can be securely mounted on the pipe.

Can you see.. the laser is shooting to the sheet piling machine..

It can be installed in multiple angle.

The red laser pointer is generated with its self rechargeable batery which can last for long hours. It is a weather resistance type of laser pointer.

With this assistance it can improve the accuracy of the sheet piling alignment.

The laser pointer can be easily installed by simple frame work planted on ground.

Can you see the small little red spot ..?

Can you see the red spot?.. still cannot?!

If you can see the red spot, you can understand the entire operation of sheet piling work...

This is a situation when the sheet pile is out of alignment. .. the sheet pile is misaligned and twisted.

Adjust it can back to its correct path..!! You see the red spot.. the whole installation process, the red spot shall pointed at the front line of the sheet piles.

Of course, you still need somebody who is responsible to check on the position of red spot. otherwise, the sophisticated laser pointer wil becomes wasted..