30 June, 2008

DIY - Home Curtain

Home Curtain..

You may not aware of curtain at your dwell. Because either your parent had fixed it or the premise comes with a ready curtains. Until one day, when you buy your own house. Then, you will realise that how important is DIY for your own curtain.

Every windows and doors need curtain to shade the sunlight. For instance, your sliding door at your balcony or garden need to have a sheet of curtain to provide privacy or form as a part of decoration to make alive of your house. Calling a contractor for fixing, it might be too fussy and troublesome to arrange appointment to meet up, quotation and blar blar blar...etc.

Of course, it is going to be very costly as well, just for a few small items to fix. At the end, DIY will be the best choice.

First of all, measure the dimension of your doors and window, then go and buy the ready set of DIY curtain.

All steps are printed on the working manual. Simply follow step by step and you will get the things fix.

Example, DIY for blinds. as simple as ABC.

Fixing the brackets. Mount it onto the wall by those simple basic tools that I have mentioned in my previous post. (http://sureboh.blogspot.com/2008/04/diy-basic-tool.html)

Screw it up on to the wall as shown in the picture.

In order to get the right alignment, pre-measure and get it right before screw it up onto the wall.

Eventually, install the curtain stick up with a ready curtain.

It's Done.. simple, right?

You can also install blind with the similar steps.

I love DIY