09 June, 2008

Guaranteed Rental Return

Rental return for NAZA TTDI project

as posted in www.thestar.com.my on June 9, 2008

The so-called vibrant commercial project is to be launched at the Shah Alam. The developer assures the Guaranteed Rental Return (GRR) of 7.5% for 2 years.

It sounds a pretty attractive offer. To avoid being overshadowed or misleading with GRR, a careful study is required to explore the business potential at Laman Seri Business Park. What is the Icon for Laman Seri Business Park? for instance, cyberjaya is do well for IT, Laman Seri Business Park for what title? Who is the potential tenant? What kind of business is feasible and offer attractive return at this particular area? accessibility? Impact of the existing surrounding residential and commercial zone,etc. more to be explored.

Of course with the name of NAZA Group, it definitely has the capability to boost the development of the entire land of Laman Seri Business Park and to make it a success. I never doubt on it.

The merely 2 years GRR is just a sort of discount rebate to the purchaser. Calculation could be very simple by discount of 7.5% x 2 years x selling price! For me, it is just a marketing strategic.

Buying it, it purely shows the trust and confidence to NAZA Group but not the sympathy GRR..