17 January, 2007

Demand of "A" class Office Block

Since many years back, the office block development has been slowing down and ilding for quite some years. Nowadays, getting more and more demand is growing up in the market. Those strong growth company like oil and gas companies, financial instituition, ICT companies, they are expecting to set up their businesses in the city center. of course, the asthetics building with "A" class facilities will definitely become the first choice of those companies.

Investors from middle east and other region are exploring their business in par with the strong growth of Malaysia current trend under 9th MP. Those old buildings are getting obsolete and new advanced office blocks are needed. In view of the demand, office development is going to resume or either the refurbishment of old office blocks at the ideal location will be taking in place.

As forecast, office development will be coming up in this coming years in city center. it can be foreseen from the curent demand of office unit and growth of rental in office block.


SOON said...

Agree with you, but I got one opinion, which was a fact.

Any big local corporation or foreign company who wish to establish office in Malaysia, must either opt for renting office floor in KLCC Twin tower and Putra-Cyber Jaya or opt for building their own building in these 3 areas.

Those foreign companies who rent offices in these 3 areas, were allowed to not follow the enforcement to employ local staff.