26 January, 2007

Singapore Casino

Genting is awarded the 2nd liciense for casino Operator in Singapore.

Total Development cost is to be expected by S$ 5.2 billion. The Integrated Resort is required to complete and operating in the year of 2010.

let make a conversion here, to simplify the figure. S$5.2billion is equally to RM 11.44billion and it is divided into 3 years. Therefore, it is a about a huge development of about RM 4 billion per year job.

Can you imagine how big is the RM 4 billion p.a. job.? How boom will be the construction industry in Singapore? ok. let me illustrate in more detail, i believe everyone know about KL convention center. it is built in 3 years time and now crack your head and imagine there is about 8 similar size of development is going to construct in one year and friend, it is continuously for 3 years.

To astonish you, on top of the above mentioned development, the 1st liciense to Las Vegas Sand is also similar huge size of development. i just can't imagine how massive the construction industry in this coming years..

Let see how it goes ..


SOON said...

It is a nice comparison you gave.

I would suggest you think of the chain reaction also. Who is the Contractor that always follow Genting??? Will Genting invite them to join the project in Singapore???

I wish I could give you information, but being in Bangladesh, I'm so difficult to find. Wish you could share.

Watermelon 一顆裝死的西瓜 said...

i dont see the point to compare RINGGIT MALAYSIA to SINGAPORE DOLLAR.