19 July, 2007

Cordon Off with New Development

Once you take a look at the surrounding development in City Center. You can easily find out that the new development are expending at the edge of the city. This property is targeted on upper market and majority is landed property development.

Northern face, Kepong & Damansara are boosting with their new development launching. It can be seen in the newspaper.

Bandar Utama Development goes upmarket

THE recent launch of the Megaria link houses in Bandar Utama is likely to be the last, as the developer Bandar Utama Development Sdn Bhd plans to build semi-detached houses and bungalows. (Selling
RM800,000 and above)

Property prices in Kepong expected to go up

KEPONG: Reputed to be the last frontier of landed property development in Kuala Lumpur, Kepong is an area ripe for price appreciation. .......(Selling RM420,000 and above)

Furthermore, the other face of City, like Cheras,
Cheras in for some change

PETALING JAYA: The Cheras property market is in for a “makeover”, according to developer Glomac Bhd. .... (Selling RM688,,000 and above)

These developments have cordoned off the existing landed property. What is the impact to the secondary market of the existing landed property? Believe that some of the strategic property will appreciate in a higher rate and foresee that those extra old building will demolish for a new development.

Those middle class fraternity who interested to landed property shall quickly hunt one regardless of new or old.