23 July, 2007

No Balcony - Clothes Hanging

When i walked by a residential building, i notice there are some pipes come down the window, uniformly protrude out from wall. Wondering what is the purpose of such pipe.

Few steps forward, the answer reveal right in front of me.

This is for clothes hanging purpose. Surprisingly, this is the method of resident to hang their clothes under the sun. There is no balcony for such apartment to hang their clothes. all space has been fully utilized. Maximize the usage area and make a cantilever stick form to extend their spaces. But the appearance of building , in term of aesthetic is completely spoilt. Yes, apartment is selling in a few hundred per sq ft. This is not an encouraging method of cost saving by reduce balcony and display your rainbow clothing externally.

Other than "rainbow decoration", the major problem of such hanger is No overhead protection at the walkway. Water may dripping down to the pedestrians. Some clothes or underwear,etc. may "flying" down and landed on your head if the resident does not secure properly.

The possible is definitely high as there is a high rise residential building. What if an old folk who accidentally slip the stick/ or wooden stick from his hand while hanging the clothes. What is going to happen for those who walk underneath?

For sure, I wont walk underneath here. How about you?

Shall architect take a look to balance the cost and aesthetic, of course including safety of pedestrian? i urge at least a yard is required to replace balcony if balcony is omitted.


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