17 July, 2007

Water Seepage

Rain water seep into building is a very common defect and most of the residents are very headache to stop it. Water always seep and flow in from window or any opening along the wall side and come into building.

Other than mopping the wet floor after the rainy day, nothing much we can do on it. But i found the following which is quite useful method. It is a simple and effective method to stop water seepage. What can you detect from the picture below?

The screening sheet?.. This is the edge of a perimeter beam/slab. Still cannot see?

Ok Let me tell you,

A simple form of groove line is a good method to stop the water seepage. It stops the capillary action of water to submerse into building. Imagine how irritating to see the water dripping from the top and where you have to put a pail underneath the dripping point or keep mopping the wet floor.

Building Architect shall take a look into this matter as a small issue over the opening or window has always being ignored and cause restless problem to the end user. As if we are the end user, when buying a house, this is a simple but important point that we shall check on it.