27 June, 2007

Painting Work

Looking to repaint the entire house. All walls, ceiling, grill, parapet wall need to be re-painted. Some nail holes on the wall are usually need to be touch up first before apply new paint. Those spots which above normal man height may need a ladder to reach and wondering what the heck previous tenant nail at such height and why need to be so high?!

Furthermore, the wet area, like balcony wall and bathroom, old paint started to peel off with suspicious high moisture content. Worse still, fungus grows on the wall ruthlessly jeopardies its aesthetic.

How much does it cost for paint the whole unit? Normal project rate of painting work is about few cent per square feet. Understand that small scale renovation work, of course, will charge higher rate due to the work quantity is small.

Therefore, cost breakdown estimation is required to plan and budget for a repaint work.

1. Total Paint Area
2. Coverage area of 1 pail of paint (5 Litre)
3. Cost of paint per pail
4. Labour Cost per day
5. Estimate productivity, ( paint area per worker),

with such information, we should be able to work out the estimation cost of doing re-painting work and check on the contractor quotation either is reasonable.

Anyhow, we can also do it ourself and make it to be part of the fun and enjoy the self satisfaction with this DIY end result.