13 June, 2007

Sound Technical For Contractor

How important to be a technical sound contractor?

When we are heading to a competitive edge of globalization, it is a must to have a sound technical base as a fundamental in an organisation. Most of the time, as a contractor, they construct work according to the drawings and specifications and designers in the consultant office will do all the design and other technical matter. Due to the advanced sophisticated design software, most of the designers have ignored the importance of the buildability or constructibility of design. It becomes a common problem being occurred in all projects.

As a technical sound contractor, they can always check the drawings in advance and highlight or clarify with designer in all discrepancy or incompatible designs and counter propose to designer with the actual on site situation. It can greatly cut down the idling time of the project.

Added value to the client, whereby an alternative cost saving or better quality design can be proposed to client. I believe none of the clients will reject such kind of proposal. With a technical sound organisation, it sure have a better advantages than others and do not solely rely on consultant -designer to feedback information rather than to take proactive to counter proposal as to facilitate the work.

Moving to K-Economy, being a technical sound contractor will surely have a better competitive advantage. Do not ignore the importance of being a K-contractor, and time to make a stride.