03 June, 2007

Sub Contractor

We normally hear about the big projects being award to those big boy contractors. Everyone wanted to be a main contractor, tender a project with a low profit margain. Conventionally, the main contractors will chop down the cake into smaller pieces and sublet to other parties which so-called sub contractor.

"Subcontractor" sound as secondary compare to Main Contractor. The scope of work is relatively small compare to main contractor, same as well for contract value involved.

Most of the subcontractor works are required a certain skill and it is more specific in certain task or specialized job. Therefore, as a subcontractor, they are always excel in their work and they can perform better and produce a better result.

Whenever there is a better focus on job and narrower scope of work, it tend to have a better control of cost and quality. Therefore, undeniable, the profit will be higher with these control measures.

Despite of the position of subcontractor is considerably as secondary place, what most important is still a Profit return. Therefore, who care about whether you are main contractor or subcontractor, Profit takes the lead in Business. As long as the position that you are standing can make a big buck, then this is the right place for you.