14 August, 2008

Highest Elevated Bridge Construction Stages

This is one of the great creation of Human being.

Pier construction...
All piers are marked and construct concurrently..
Each Tower Crane for one pier, access to deliver material to respective pier also must be consider carefully.

Then. the bridge deck will be constructed..

Photo shooting from top to bottom.

Suspension deck to connect one pier to another.

Work was proceed day and night.

Pier is standing right above the sky level.

Is this bridge link to heaven..?

Tension is used to support the deck.

This is interesting while seeing the bridge surrounded in mist.

I salute at those engineers and workers who dare to work at such height.

Bottom of deck..

Side view of bridge.

A Bridge linking to Sky?

Great Team.. great work..

Heavy tension is used..

The system of bridge construction.

It is great..
Great man made sky bridge.
It is completed.
Its launching opening...!! yahoo..