11 August, 2008

Sime UEP Development Sdn Bhd

Big Name, Small Work - SIME DARBY

SIME DARBY - the largest plantation listed company in the world. Under its roof, the property development is also standing as one of the main core business- Sime UEP Development Sdn Bhd

My disappointment comes from the recent incident about the arrangement of this property development department. The inefficiency of the department has incurred delay charge to the property buyer.

The progress claim letters were posted out after the expiry of grace period. Then, the office claimed the delay interest charge from Buyer through End Financier ( respective loan banker) as the penalty from the delay issuance payment. The vacant possession is issued and request to settle the outstanding before release the house key.

NO PAYMENT, NO KEY COLLECTION!! WTF?! Good marketing strategy hoh ?!

For its customer service aspect, I never see such a poor service attitude from a big scale of company like this. The office staffs are reluctant to resolve the buyer problem. Closing down the door to block out the buyer from seeking help from higher management. When insist want to see the Manager or higher management, excuse like Person in Charge is not "IN" or " Engaged" or " On Leave"- not 1 or 2 days but weeks, you believe it?

SIME DARBY has a very good reputation and being the top in the list of Malaysia well known developer. I urge to uphold the commitment in deliver a good service and reward through meritocracy but not blindly on crony.

Management Team.. open your eyes!! Play your role. Don't sink like our Pr*T*n Car. Be proud of standing at the top of GLCs but not the first from back.

See some sample of SIME DARBY new township..