15 August, 2008

Transit Railway System - Learn It

Effective Successful Transit Railway System

Hong Kong Railway

The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation of Hong Kong was established in 1975 with the aim to study, plan, construct, and operate a metro system for the British crown colony. This resulted in a total of three lines with an overall route length of 43.2 kilometres, 38 stations, and a total of 671 rail cars. Each line was built at separate times with the first one starting its full operation in late 1979, followed by the Tsuen Wan extension in 1982, the Island Line in 1986, and the Eastern Harbour Crossing in 1989. Of the 38 stations, 30 are underground.....................

Japn Railway

1920 Aug. 29 Establishment of the Tokyo Underground Railway Company

1925 Sep. 27 Start of construction on the section between Asakusa and Ueno by the Tokyo Underground Railway Company

1927 Dec. 30 Tokyo Underground Railway Company-opening of the first subway section between Asakusa and Ueno

1934 Jun. 21 Tokyo Underground Railway Company-opening of the section between Ginza and Shimbashi.......................

Singapore Railway

The 1960s was an era of great economic changes for Singapore. The city's leaders were convinced of the need to support the economy with a reliable and efficient transport system to support nation building. To this end, the government commissioned a State and City Planning study in 1967 to study the possibility of expanding the transport network. Amongst others, the findings of the four-year study pointed to a need for a rail transit system by 1992.
In May 1982, the Government gave the go-ahead and work on the construction of the MRT began. The S$5 billion project was targeted to be completed in 1992. The 67 km-long route would boast 42 stations, of which 27 would be above ground and 15 underground. The north-south line was implemented first as more people need to be ferried across the busy Orchard corridor and the Central Business District. On 14 October 1983, the MRT Corporation was established…...........

London Railway

Inset into an original geographical map, which is the same style as Britain's railway maps produced since the first railways in the 1840s, this map is a late example (1905) of how the earlier underground maps looked from 1863, when the first underground railway was opened, until around 1906........

Malaysia Railway

Malaysia Transit Railway is still young compare to the above countries. However, when the neighbour country Singapore can catch up with the developed country, like Japan, UK, etc. I don't see there is any reason why can't Malaysia take the same pace. There is a proven track that technology and expertise can be learned.

Learn from the successful railway system would eliminate a lot of unforeseeable mistakes and errors. The Railway Route must be incorporated into the town planning blueprint. There is nothing to shy from learning others technology and system. This is so called history study!

Wider Vision takes the Lead. Plan 20 years ahead from now rather than 2 years. Put your eye sight in the farther destination. A Strong Public Transport Department must be established to plan ahead and control effectively on the implementation to achieve this MEGA VISION.