03 August, 2008

MRR2 Bridge Crack and Concrete Failure

The below statement quoted from The Star (www.thestar.com.my) on 2008-08-03,

"Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed said that three of the 18 carbon fibre panels on Pillar 28 had peeled off at about 9am on Sunday, causing some clumps of concrete to fall. The structure was safe, he however claimed."

MRR2 Flyover

Seriously, I was astonished on the above statement which came from a country (Malaysia) Work Minister. Base on what ground the statement is being made, base on his personal layman point of view? Technical Point of view? Don't give wrong statement if there is no ground for it. Don't treat all Engineers in the Country are dumb. Please don't repeat those "standard" statements from our previous "honorable" work minister as to secure the political position.

A clumps of concrete fell to the road

See the photo above and you called this is SAFE. What is the meaning of safe when this clump of concrete fall on your head or car?

Close the highway immediately if there is a possibility to endanger to the public. Even the possibility is as low as 1 %. The strict instruction to close the highway must be commanded without further delay. Life is precious and irreplaceable.

Are you going to wait and tell the Public that the structure is UNSAFE when the entire bridge is collapsed? Those claimed that the structure is safe, please take your blanket to sleep under the bridge to prove me your statement.

My advise, Don't use it now!! Take big round and skip that bridge if you care about your life and your family.

Hey hey.. Don't try to be smart by driving underneath the bridge as an alternative route to skip the danger. It is darn stupid act. If the bridge collapse, you are going to bury alive.

Take Note if you care about your life.