12 September, 2006

Bee's Home - Honeycomb

My goodness..Terrible Honeycomb...!! This is not BEE's Home - Honeycomb.. it is concrete structure defect. THIS IS DEFECTIVE WORK!!

Can you imagine when you nail something on the wall or this particular defective portion, then the whole junk of wall collapse? What will you feel? First click come to your mind will be when the house is going to collapse.

Let's see slab honeycombing. I have doubt on the workmanship and the supervision of the work.

Wah.. terrible workmanship. The defect honeycomb is exactly underneath the column position. How can the column transfer the loading if the base is hollow?!!

What need to do on this defects? Defect? Hack and Repair lo..!! It is what commonly practising in Malaysia. Most of the"incompetent" contractor are having this kind of philisophy. "No big deal, Honeycomb only ma..i am still the best in JB and Singapore!".. it may be influence too much by comedy TV programme.. i guess.

There is always a wrong perception of the contractor that Repair cost is cheap, cause most of the time they only use cement mortar to plaster the honeycomb surface. Friend.. This is NOT the correct method. You are sacrifice the quality of the house. Seek Specialist advice for correct rectification method and ensure the grade of strength is not deteriorated.

Prevention is better than cure. The above defect can be easily eliminated when putting more effort in supervision and taking correct methodology in concreting, such as sufficient vibration and proper mix of concrete, etc.

We are moving globalisation. Do something to promote our quality and don't ashame us...