20 September, 2006

Shopping Complex

In Shopping Mall design, it is preferably to spread horizontally, for instance, Mid Valley, 1 Utama, etc. Those like high rise vertical type of shopping mall will usually be the second choice for the consumer.

Let see those hypermarket in the town, Carrefour, Giant, Tesco, even IKEA, etc.. all malls design are in the horizontal form to get a maximum floor area.

Obviously, consumers are tend to be less interested in shopping in the vertical form rather than horizontal shopping mall. Travelling up and down is tiring and messy especially you are carrying a jumbo of shopping goodies.

In common, ground floor or lower ground will be the most crowded zoning. The higher the floor, the lower the rental. It is because of the visitor head count is lesser compare to the lower floor. As it definitely affect the volume of business.

As observed, most of the hitz zonings are those retail shops which focus in display their product and those at the hidden corner or back lane will more concentrate in servicing line, such as saloon, massage, book store, etc.

Those promotion zone will be surrounded at the mall well as it can obtain a maximum exposure to the consumer.

The accessibility of the shopping mall building is also important and it must be very strategic and convenient enough to attract the consumer. Some basic facilities, such as sufficient parking lots, strategic traffic flow, security, etc are also forming a key success for a booming shopping complex.

Location of shopping building, outlet position and floor, nature of business, etc. Think carefully and scrutinise in all single detail before you decided in investment in shopping lot as don't forget the maintenance in Shopping mall is comparatively high as well.