04 September, 2006

The Only Leverage

Commonly, when we move in to the new house, we always found some defects all around. This is mainly due to the poor workmanship and bad quality control. Therefore, it need to spend another stack of dollar to repair. Besides costing you additional fund, it also delay and mess up your plan to move in on time.

What is the responsibility of the developer? How can they deliver this kind of shoddy product to us? What is the action we can take on it? Complaint? Usually, verbal complaints will only be fallen into deaf ear. To believe most of the developer (small timer) will not entertain this kind of complaints.

Here, The only leverage and good channel for us to arouse the recalcitrant developer from their sweet dream is to withhold the last 2.5% stakeholder's sum, bear in mind, we are not trying to be nasty. We just want to get what we deserve after payout a junk of dollar into the property. It burst out most of the buyer opinion here.

The following is the useful template (i guess), however, Point that need to be emphasized here is, This piece of template is not from any legal expert. So, "sureboh" doesn't hold responsible for any errors., in case.!


Regardless how, we are still at the losing side, think deeply, we paid 97.5% of the price in advance before we get the KEY (vacant Possession) to walk in and see/ check the house quality... Apparently, What we can do is to HOPE all developers to deliver a good quality product and halt the rampant shoddy work in their development.