09 September, 2006

Upgrading of Penang Infrastructure

It can be foreseen in near future, Penang is going to be promoted as one of the well developed island in Malaysia. Through the recent announcement in 9th Malaysia Plan, it promotes plenty of upgrading Penang Infrastructure works.

Sure, i gonna like it like crazy because there is NO Toll in all the expressway in the island except the toll at Penang Bridge.
Furthermore, other than road upgrading, Monorail system is going to impose in the island to boost and improve traffic condition in penang. Currently, the extension of penang bridge is ongoing, you can find it while travelling through the penang bridge. Just wind down the window and you will be able to see those workers and Engineers are working on a floating boat.
Who can resist this kind of to-be-well-developed island under a proper plan of infrastructure upgrading, as it will definitely less traffic headache, less toll, and ease the burden to the citizen in daily life. No doubt, it has increase the potential of the property to grow in the high pace. Don't miss the coming event - Property Fair in Penang 2006 at PISA.