11 September, 2006

Get House Defect Off Your Mind

Don't be happy if you obtain a key or letter from developer telling you that your house is ready for handing over. It can be a begin of nightmare to you, if you have wrongly selected an unscrupulous developer at the initial stage.

Of course, most of you are very happy and feel lucky enough when the purchased unit are able to deliver and under the blessing of god that the project was not abandoned. But what if the case that you find defects all around your house upon your first step in the house? Friend, newly purchase woh..!!! How can it be? Will you willingfully want to take out another stack of money to repair the house but not renovation?? For me, 100%, my Answer is NO! NO! NO!

As a house buyer, what can you do? How to get the defects rectified?
Under the Housing Developers Control and Licensing Act (HDA), defects that appear within the Defect Liability Period have to be rectified by the developers at the latter's cost and expense. It shall be stated under your S & P agreement, if i am not mistaken.

Some of the layman doesn't know what is Defect Liability Period (DLP)? Under the HDA, DLP is 18 months start from the day you get vacant possession (VP).

Everthing is interrelated. VP is the handing over of unit for you while developer has fulfilled certain condition as stipulated under S & P, normally electricity and water supply are ready to be in use. Some buyer will start renovation work during this period, (it is advised to check thoroughly on all the defects prior to renovation to avert from future dispute). VP doesn't allow you to move in unless the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) has been issued.

From the flow of the process, i realise that upon the Vacant possession, house buyer MUST go in, at least 1 time or preferable as frequent as possible, to check all the defects before you move in. Hope the defect can be rectified before CFO issued. Don't forget to prepare a checklist (Item to-be-checked checklist) to ensure all single corner is inspected.

Laziness costs money. If you intended to rent out and laze around without inspect the house. Don't blame others at the end of day!! Of course, developer will also thank you for willingfully repair the house by your own cost...!! take note.