06 September, 2006

Giant Pavilion

Kek Loh Si, There is a construction of giant pavilion ongoing. I am so impress with construction of this pavilion.

The giant statute is about 120 feet height. As noted here, it is the tallest in the world. The pillar of pavilion is erected piece by piece with a different texture on each single piece in order sequence.

It is a precast concrete and believe to be cast the core of the column with in situ concrete with reinforcement bar. i am more interested to know the joint detail and how to prevent the seepage of cement lurry from joint and dirty the expose surface.

Oh.. the internal rib textures is for better bonding. i believe it is designed to prevent any rotation of the puzzle and the perimeter edge is in a stagger form to avoid the cement slurry to run off.

Aiya.. wondering is there any photo to show on its foundation. Is it using bored piling system or other alternative? Because it is at the hill side and i am so curious to know about the detail. Hope one day it can be displayed in the National Geography to show how great is this human creature.